Camels in Europe

In Europe mainly  domesticated one and two-humped camels, llama's and alpaca's are found. They are kept for entertainment, to produce milk and to support human health.


Camel milk production.

camels are usually milked with a milking machine in Europe.

Camels only give milk when their calves are in their close proximity. Contrary  to cows, who give milk without the proximity of their calves.

Camels give 4-6 liters of milk per day during about 10 months. Cows 30-40 liters daily!

When a camel is pregnant milk production stops. Cows continue to give milk until the last months of their pregnancy.

Camels in Europe are milked mainly because of the camel milk attributed health properties

Camels for human health

Camels have traditionally been used for dairy, meat, transportation, riding and racing.
In Europe camels also are used to support human health (socially, mentally, psychologically etc.).  This use is summarized as Camel Assisted Interventions (CAI). CAI can be considered as a kind of therapy. However „therapy“ requires a specific certified degree (physiotherapist, psychologist etc.).  Interventions can be applied by people without a certified therapy degree. Therefore  the term “Interventions” is used.

Photo: C by Kamelhof Nassenheide-Gabriele Heidicke. 

C by Kamelhof Nassenheide-Gabriele Heidicke