Past events:

Delegations of ECROA-Member had the chance to be at different events.

King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, 4th edition, 2020

On invitation of the ICO 26 ECROA members from 12 countries were invited to attend the Kind Abdulaziz Camel Festival in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia.

A wonderful, interesting, once- in - a lifetime experience for all participants.

Camel Races, a camel beauty competition, "the 1000 camel race", different meetings and a trip to Fort Masmak  were all part of the trip.

And, of course, time to get to know each other and work on the ECROA goals...

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Internatinal Twizgui Camel Racing Festival 2019

On invitation of the Maroccan Camel Racing Club three representatives of the ECROA where invited to attend the festival. 

This is what Natalia, Monika and Julian experienced:
The festival took place 900 km south of Casablanca, in the town of Assa Zag in the desert. The organizers  and society welcomed us friendly. Mr Oili Banca, the organiser treated us like his own family. There were also guests from other countries at the festival. 
The opening of the festival took place on the first day. We listened to Moroccan music, got to know their traditions and culture, and also had  the opportunity to admire the landscape. During the festival, we met  representatives of the local community and told about our organization  in Europe. They were very surprised that there are also camels in  Europe. 
Julian had an active discussions and gave numerous interviews. 
The organizers were very proud of our participation in their festival.
 The camel races took place on the second and third day.  This was a great experience.
 Mr Oili Banca and the organisers  will be at a festival in Saudi Arabia and are looking forward to meeting other ECROA members and for a good cooperation.
 The organization of our trip and stay was organized very well.
 Thanks again for the opportunity to learn about Moroccan culture and to  be at the camel festival.